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David Hradílek - bass promo 01.jpg

I am a fretless bassist and songwriter of (mainly) metal bands.

I am endorsed by NBE Guitars Hořovice (the Czech Republic), the manufacturer of SPECTOR basses ( PROMO VIDEO here.

I have played in lots of metal bands (ADAGIO FUNEBRE, MAZE OF CHAOS, VIDOCK, AFTER RAIN, INNERSPHERE, RETURN TO INNOCENCE, TÖRR, and so on), with which I have played at a lot of big festivals and gone on several tours in the Czech Republic and Europe.


David Hradílek - The Fragile Castle of Insanity (youtube)*

David Hradílek - Conquer (youtube)

Innersphere - Thread (youtube)

Vidock - Ritual (youtube)

David Hradílek and Richard Sweeney - English Embers (youtube)*

Maze of Chaos - The Echoes of Chaos (youtube)*

Maze of Chaos - Into Oblivion (youtube)*

David Hradílek - Missing Your Bites//Give Me Your Bites (youtube)*

Horny Clithon - Dripping in Whitechapel (youtube)*

Horny Clithon - Kinky Coffin Bearers (youtube)*

David Hradílek (Band) - Isabelle Bryce (feat. Algaes) (youtube)*

* Videos directed and edited by David Hradílek

More music by David Hradílek:


Vidock - Faustum (2010)

Adagio Funebre - Of Grief and Insanity (2013)

Adagio Funebre - Atrocity of Hadamar (2016)

InnerSphere - EP (2016)

After Rain - Crematorium IV (not released yet)

Maze of Chaos - Maze of Chaos (not released yet)

Horny Clithon - The Orchard of Blooming Clits (EP 2023)

David Hradílek (Band) - Isabelle Bryce (feat. Algaes) (single 2024)

David Hradílek (Band) - My Sweet Mortuary (2024)

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