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STATUS: active

David Hradílek (ex-VIDOCK, TÖRR, INNERSPHERE, ADAGIO FUNBERE, etc.) is a bassist and songwriter who founded his solo band to play music which he composed for his horror book "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" in Ústí nad Labem (the Czech Republic) at the beginning of 2021. Every chapter of the book is turned to a song. The music itself is described as heavy/black/doom metal.

Line-up (2023-):

David Hradílek - fretless bass, harsh vocals, and keyboards

Bális - drums

Radek Bartoš - vocals

Martin Ježek - guitars

Studio musicians (2022):

Jan Seibt - vocals

Tomáš Eisler - guitars

The band is currently in the recording studio to make the "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" album. It is expected to be released during 2023.

VIDEO/MUSIC sample  - "David Hradílek - The Diary of the Sore":

Youtube link HERE

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