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May 28, 2024

A new music video entitled "David Hradílek - To Andie" HERE.


May 9, 2024

"I'm writing a new album for the "David Hradílek - Hadamar" horror book. You can order the book at "Hadamar" is the first volume of the "David Hradílek - The Dark Germany Trilogy", which has been already published." David


April 30, 2024

"I'm working on a new graphic and literary book which is going to be accompanied by music. I'm also writing music for a new album of DAVID HRADÍLEK BAND." David

April 3, 2024


The "David Hradílek (Band) - Evil Charlie" music video is out! It is a special song composed for Karel Sedláček, the darts champion, for his tournaments. LINK HERE.

February 22, 2024


The "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" horror book and metal album are out! Release date: 22/02/2024. You can order the book and the album at

February 19, 2024


We're extremely happy to introduce you our new, permanent drummer! Lukáš Černý is the new member of our band! We welcome him! Come to see our new line-up on the 22nd of March 2024 at Baronka, Litoměřice. We promise you a metal massacre!


Radek Bartoš - vocals

David Hradílek - fretless bass

Olda Ruby - guitar

Lukáš Černý - drums



February 6, 2024


- I’d like to announce that Martin Ježek, the guitarist, and Bális, the drummer, aren’t the members of DAVID HRADÍLEK BAND anymore. I’d like to leave the reasons of our parting ways as the internal matter.

Radek and I want to thank both of them for everything they did for the band and wish them only the best in their musical and private life. Thank you, guys!

- We’re also introducing a new guitarist in the band! The new member is Olda Ruby, an excellent guitar player and great person!

- This new line-up is soon going to rehearse songs for a new album, which we’re going to record in the studio this year. At the moment we’re dealing with some drummers who would play with us. We’ll inform you about the last member as soon as everything is confirmed.

- The “David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary” book and album will be out this month.

- This Friday, we’re going to the recording studio to record a special song that yours truly composed as an entering song for tournaments in arenas and other places in the world for Karel Sedláček, the darts champion. The line-up that is going to record it is as follows: Radek Bartoš - vocals and guitars, David Hradílek - fretless bass, Jan Šimánek - drums. We thank Jan Šimánek (NEW BLACK JACK, ex-TREVITORIA) for helping us in the studio!

- Thank you for your support, metalheads! STAY HEAVY!

David, Radek, Olda, and Tom

January 12, 2024

A new music video for "David Hradílek (Band) - Isabelle Bryce (feat. Algaes)" is out. It is the "zeroth" single to the "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" album and horror book. The video HERE.


January 9, 2024

You can buy the tickets for the WELICORRUS, INNERSPHERE and DAVID HRADÍLEK BAND live show held on the 2nd of February 2024 at Baronka (Litoměřice, CZ) HERE.



January 2, 2024


- We're releasing a new special digital single entitled "David Hradílek - Isabelle Bryce" + a music video for it very soon.

- We're finally releasing the "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" book  and album at the beginning of 2024.

- We're going to make an official promo music video for the "David Hradílek - Pestilential" song to support the "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" album/book.

- We're going to the recording studio to record a very special song that David Hradílek composed for Karel Sedláček, the famous sportsman, for his darts tournaments.

- David Hradílek is composing a new album for one of his horror books.


August 20, 2023

A new interview with DAVID HRADÍLEK BAND HERE (Rockpalace Fanzine - in the Czech language only).


August 6, 2023

A new music video entitled "Horny Clithon - Kinky Coffin Bearers" is out. HERE.


August 3, 2023

DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) is looking for a record label to release and publish the "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" album/book.

My side project HORNY CLITHON is soon going to release a new music video entitled "Horny Clithon - Kinky Coffin Bearers".

July 30, 2023


DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) will be playing with the bands such as XIII. STOLETÍ and HALFORD/JUDAS PRIEST Revival. See LIVE SHOWS for more info.


July 1, 2023


You can vote for the "David Hradílek - The Acid Halo" song at


June 21, 2023

DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) has officially made public two songs from the upcoming concept album entitled "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary", which was composed for the horror book of the same name. The band is looking for a record label that would release the album and publish the book. Anyone interested can contact the band via

Song 1: David Hradílek - Mortuarius (Pertaining to the Dead) LISTEN HERE (Youtube)

Song 2: David Hradílek - The Acid Halo LISTEN HERE (Youtube)


June 14, 2023

- My punk metal side project HORNY CLITHON has digitally released a new EP entitled "Horny Clithon - The Orchard of Blooming Clits" + video "Horny Clithon - Dripping in Whitechapel".

EP here (youtube)

Video here (youtube)


May 30, 2023

- I have founded a new punk metal project called HORNY CLITHON. A new E. P. entitled "HORNY CLITHON -  The Orchard of Blooming Clits" and a videoclip "HORNY CLITHON - Dripping in Whitechapel" will be out soon. LINE-UP: David Hradílek - fretless bass and guitars, Jakub Paštika - vocals, Jiří Hájek - drums.

A little sample of HORNY CLITHON HERE:

DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) remains my priority, though.



May 28, 2023

- DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) has launched its Facebook page.

- You can listen to a sample from the upcoming album "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" HERE.


May 4, 2023

- 7 festivals for DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) this year. Check out the LIVE SHOWS section.


March 24, 2023

I'll be performing my horror show on the 30th of March 2023 in Hraničář (Ústí nad Labem, the Czech Republic). Ondřej Prchal, the poet, is reading an extract from my horror book "David Hradílek - Hadamar" and I'm accompanying the reading on the fretless bass with effect pedals.

March 17, 2023

I have decided to disband my project ADAGIO FUNEBRE. I want to fully concentrate on my solo metal band DAVID HRADÍLEK.

March 10, 2023

DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) - NEW LINE-UP: David Hradílek - fretless bass, Bális - drums, Radek Bartoš - vocals, Martin Ježek - guitar.

- More festivals added. See the LIVE SHOWS section.


February 19, 2023

DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) will be playing at five summer festivals this year (check out the LIVE SHOWS section). Our new singer is Radek Bartoš.

January 24, 2023

- Adam Vostárek, the singer, isn't in DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) anymore, so we're currently looking for a new singer and also for a guitarist. 


January 20, 2023

- DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) will be playing on the 23rd of June at metal-punk RŮŽOVÁ FEST 2023 (Růžová, CZ).


December 17, 2022

- The "David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" album is going to be mixed in January 2023. Then we are going to look for a label to release it alongside the David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary" book.

- I am going to London next week to promote David Hradílek - The Dark Germany Trilogy, my horror books. If you are interested in this series, feel free to order it at .

November 25, 2022

- A new promo video of DAVID HRADÍLEK (band) here. 


November 11, 2022

DAVID HRADÍLEK will be playing at Útulek Fest 2023 (9 June), Prvomájový Festiválek 2023 (1 May) and Altros Fest 2023 (date TBA).

October 15, 2022

DAVID HRADÍLEK will be playing at Čajovna U Vysmátý Žábay (Ústí nad Labem, CZ) on the 9th of December 2022. Support bands: Adam Vostárek, MYSTHICA

October 3, 2022

-  A new official music video entitled "DAVID HRADÍLEK - Missing Your Bites // Give Me Your Bites" is out. Youtube link here.

September, 2022

-  A new official music video entitled "MAZE OF CHAOS - Into Oblivion" is out. Youtube link here.


August 25, 2022

-  A new offici music video entitled "MAZE OF CHAOS - The Echoes of Chaos" is out. Youtube link here.

August 19, 2022

-  A new music video entitled "DAVID HRADÍLEK and RICHARD SWEENEY - English Embers" is out. Youtube link here.

August 15, 2022

- I composed and recorded a new single entitled "DAVID HRADÍLEK and RICHARD SWEENEY - English Embers" in Dewsbury, in England, along with Richard Sweeney, the artist and musician ( We also made a music videoclip for this song, which we're going to put out soon.

- I've founded a new punk metal band called HORNY CLITHON. We're going to go to the recording studio to record our stuff in the autumn 2022.

- DAVID HRADÍLEK BAND is finishing the David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary album in the recording studio.

- We're making a music videoclip with the MAZE OF CHAOS band ( for a song entitled "The Echoes of Chaos" at the moment.



June 5, 2022



- I recorded a horror soundtrack for The Cats of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft (audio book). The date of the release will be announced.



May 8, 2022



- I was offered to compose music for a horror soundtrack for an audio short story by H. P. Lovecraft. I accepted this offer with pleasure. More info will be announced.


- Besides working on the full-length album, we are also working on a special bonus song for this album, which is not going to be on it, but will be presented with an extra official video clip. 


- I am going to England in July for some longer period of time (I am going to rent a flat in Dewsbury). I am going to write a new book there (the David Hradílek - My Sweet Mortuary book has been ready to be published for a year, but it is still waiting for the album which was composed for it to be finished and released) and write some new music.

I bought an acoustic fretless bass for this occasion. My plan is to travel, visit interesting places in England and write a lot of music.





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